I began painting murals at the age of 17. It was the first vehicle that allowed my ideas to connect with an audience.
For commercial projects, I work closely with my clients on concept development, and ensure at every stage that the result
embodies their message. More personal expressions are drawn from the same set of ideas and preoccupations informing
my easel works: our vision of the universe and ourselves, and the fundamental questions that arise from the human experience.

For project inquiries please email studio@angelvillanueva.com

Acrylic on Primed Stucco, 12 x 36 ft. Simons Middle School, Pomona, California.
Sponsored by the Pomona Institute for Public Strategies. In colaboration with Southern California Service Corps.

This project is very special to me, as it was based on the winning idea submitted by one of the students, a young artist named Mia:

What I find absolutely astounding here is the spontaneous emergence of an archetypal concept in the mind of a child. The Tree of Life is a universal
theme in World Mythology, and even I have been working on my own version for some time now. Here we have not only the tree, but also the depiction
of nature's sides: nurturing, yet destructive if not treated with care.



Acrylic on Primed Stucco, 16 x 17 ft. Durfee Elementary/Middle School, El Monte, California.

Sponsored by Amigos de los Rios, Emerald Necklace, and El Monte City School District. Funded by the California State
Active Transportation Program. Special thanks to Andrew Quiñonez for asking me to work on this, as well as for managing all the project logistics, to my brother and assistant
Eric Villanueva, and to our volunteers: Anthony, Edwin, Ismael, and especially Denise, who did a fantastic job on those poppies! In colaboration with Southern California Service Corps.

Acrylic on Primed Stucco, approx. 8 x 12 ft.

"Perfection isn't just about control. It's also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience. Transcendence."
Painted this on the wall of my working space, inspired by the film Black Swan. A reminder to never hold on to that which weighs us down.


CCF - We Are Los Angeles

CCF - We Are Los Angeles

We Are Los Animals, 2016
Acrylic paint on synthetic board, sculpture pattern by Gayle Garner Roski.
An honor to be one of the artists selected by California Community Foundation for We Are Los Angeles, a public art project to mark their
Centennial celebration. The painted angels were installed for a month in Grand Park, in the heart of the city, before each found a home.
As a result of our topography, a great deal of wildlife is forced to share their territory with us. This was my humble attempt to acknowledge
the wild animals that live in the city, to give them a voice to say: We are still here, this is our land too.


Acrylic on primered stucco, 14 x 17 ft. (approx.)
La Barca Restaurant and Sports Bar, La Habra, California

Acrylic on primered stucco, 6 x 8 ft. (approx.)
La Barca Restaurant and Sports Bar, La Habra, California


Acrylic on Stucco, 8 x 10 ft.
Private Residence, Hacienda Heights, California
The Legend of Callejón del Beso


EARTH, 2008
Recycling Center of Los Angeles Elementary School, Los Angeles, California
Sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

PIETA 2013 (Halted Project)
Acrylic on Drywall, 7.5 x 20.5 ft.
A volunteer project for my alma mater, Pitzer College. Originally located in the hallway adjacent to the fitness room
at the Gold Student Center, the mural in progress has since been destroyed as the wall it was on was repurposed as
a mirrored surface for the new pilates center. The concept, however, still exists, and I am now searching for a new
location to deploy it. (Interested?) The finished mural will feature a bit of sleight of hand, here not yet shown.


Acrylic paint on primed drywall.
Former location of A & A Food Service, Upland, California.


Latex paint on plaster.
Biblioteca Pública Niños Héroes
Ciudad Morelos, Baja California, México

Smaller mural panels (about 3x8 ft. each) at the children's books section of the library, showing a T-Rex, Seismosaurus and Cearadactyl:

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