The Magic Lamp


“I wish to make something clear…”

The Genie, lacking the time or desire to wait for further instructions, granted the man the ability to make gelatinous, transparent turds.

The End.


7 Responses to “The Magic Lamp”

  1. seth huerta Says:

    …so you could use the turd as lubricant. genius!

  2. Angel Villanueva Says:

    Knock yourself out. He didn’t make them odorless.

  3. Craig Says:

    I’m surpised he didn’t reply “But you already do, every time you pee!”

  4. Rawland Covey Says:

    LOL, and here I thought that Genie’s were patient!

  5. Lia Says:


  6. George L Says:

    Jaaaa jaaaa… Good one.

  7. Ari El Says:

    lmao wtf?

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