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Vorspiel, Epilogue
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D.C., Milan, Turin, Ceva, Garessio, Mondovi, Serralunga d’Alba, Barki, Monaco, Rome, The Vatican, London, Gravesend (the final resting place of Pocahontas), St. Monans, Dublin, Peebleshire, Paris, Edinburgh. And the great crossing, racing against the forward edge of the night, West across the Ocean Sea…


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11 Responses to “Voyage”

  1. Cristina Says:

    Amazing voyage… beautiful pictures… tons of indescribable memories you’ve captured… thanks for sharing’em with us, Guapo!!

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  3. Rebecca Bracamontes Says:

    Dear Angel,
    There are not enough adjectives to describe these photographs. They express your powerful love for life, art and history. Every photograph is alive, one can feel your heart beating at the moment you clicked the shooter. Your integrity as an artist is growing step by step, keep it in that way Angel. There is no need for you to promise us you will have more artistic surprises, we perfectly know that is already happening. Congratulations for this achievment, thanks to every single person you met in this trip. Every person you met had the opportunity to meet Angel Villanueva, a young promising artist with full human desire to preserve art and create new perspectives in the artistic world. Felicidades Angel, muchas felicidades.

  4. Ernesto Says:

    Superb!!!! Not the lens but the eye of the artist. Hope we can get more of these beautiful moments of life. Thanks Angel!

  5. Kene J. Rosa Says:

    Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Angel, true to your name, you ARE a beholder! Thanks for the tour!

  6. Lydia Santa Cruz Says:

    I am new to your work and am moved to thank you for the spiritual quality that it demonstrates. Don’t know you, but will look for your bright star. Peace and blessings.

  7. Sheryl H Says:

    Angel, without artists like you who see beauty where people like me see paths or a pretty building, our world would be plain and mundane. In your photographs I saw scenes I’ve seen in person that took my breath away seeing them here. One more time, you are amazing. Bravo!

  8. Caewyn Says:

    It gave me a real thrill to see these stunningly beautiful photos, viewing them and hearing the music gave me shivers down my spine. Just perfection, thank you.

  9. Kelly Says:

    Absolutely breath taking and beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Arthur Says:

    A stunning and elaborate collection of photos. Each shot is wholly inspired and captured with meticulous precision and painstaking detail. Combined with a glorious selection of music, I could spend hours examining the intricacies of each individual photograph. Thank you sharing your work. Well done!

  11. Donald Says:

    I was blown away. Enchanting and masterful.

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